Hills Like White Elephants

First music video

"Dolphiness" official video

Special thanks to Alena Vaida & Danijel Szeredy!

Debut Album "Ages"

Out Now

"We'll do this ourselves!" It all comes down to these words. Without knowing how, we decided to record our own tracks. In the beginning we did not have more than our instruments, one microfone and a laptop. Now we have an album that we are very proud of.

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About Us

We are Hills Like White Elephants, a band from Coburg, Germany. We're seven guys that have known each other since high school years and - now spread all over Bavaria - we're still drawn to our hometown to play, write and record in our smoke-filled rehearsal room and home studio. We describe our genre as Mini Rock. Rock music is definitely the main theme, but various influences are coming together so that sometimes the rock share is minimal. Listen for yourself and enjoy!

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